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Soursob Bob living in the long grass

2015 Fringe Shows with Courtney Robb




" (Courtney Robb) Her voice is an absolute joy: hypnotic, expressive and emotional, moving with ease from a bare whisper to full projection.  Her guitar and ukulele playing is similarly expressive."


"Soursob Bob is another kettle of fish.  His songs and views vary from hilarious to deeply meaningful, often at the same time, and his presentation encompasses singing and spoken word....  It’s amazing material presented by a truly Australian classic character in a laid-back, infectious style."


" They share the immense talent of violinist Emma Woolcock, who plays with both."


"Two excellent shows for the price of one – great value."


About the 2014 Fringe shows..



“One of the funnier things you’ll find at the Fringe”


“Soursob Bob offers a generous set of insightful, well-crafted acoustic tunes… sounding especially good with charming collaborators “


“Very Australian (and distinctly Adelaidean) flavor”



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