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Saturday 22nd of April,
Metropolitan Hotel, Adelaide
MJ Turner , The Backyarders,

Soursob Bob

Friday night, 2nd June
@ the Grace Emily Hotel

The Fiddle Chicks and Soursob Bob
Soursob Bob will be performing with Matt Kelsh
on guitar and guitar pedals.

Sunday 23rd July
Olivia's Hotel Hutt St
With Sad Sad Tim and Emma Luker

Aukus :
Australia, UK, USA,
The same alliance of misinformation
and war mongering that bought us the
invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Learn from recent history, I implore.
Why would you believe anything from these
people regarding threats, justification for war,

and submarines ?
Joe Biden said when he became President "We are ready to lead again"
Anthony Albanese might as well have said "And we are ready to follow, again."
Come on Australia !
What are we ? A sovereign nation or a convenient airbase, submarine base, and training ground for the American military.
Ask not what your country can do for you,
Ask what it can do for America !
Welcome to the New American Century.


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